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CSE Horse Feeds

CSE Horse Feeds

Whether your horse is a young foal, broodmare, bred for performance or kept for pleasure, we have products suited for all your horse’s needs.


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Antioxidants, Omega-3s Improve Stallion Fertility

Researchers investigate the benefits of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids on stallion semen.

KER Research

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fat supplementation

Are There Advantages to Feeding High-Fat Diets to Racehorses?

A study to evaluate the long-term effects of feeding a fat supplemented diet during medium intensity aerobic training was conducted over seven months using 12 two-year-old Thoroughbreds.


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performance horse

Cobalt Limits for Performance Horses: An Update

In some cases, when more than one product is used and the total supplements in the diet are not assessed, nutrient excesses occur, with potentially disastrous results, including elimination from competition.

General Interest

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equine DNA

Genetic Testing in Horses: Out with the Old?

Genetic testing, like many areas of equine medicine, has grown at a remarkable pace.