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CSE Horse Feeds

CSE Horse Feeds

Whether your horse is a young foal, broodmare, bred for performance or kept for pleasure, we have products suited for all your horse’s needs.


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weanling horse in pasture

Stress of Weaning Impacts Digestive Health of Foals

According to new research, weaning is one of the most stressful events in a horse’s life.

KER Research

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high-speed treadmill

Feeding Horses Before Exercise: What to Feed and When?

Three experiments were conducted to evaluate if feeding hay with and without grain affects glycemic response and hematological responses in Thoroughbred horses at rest and during a simulated competition exercise.


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asthma in horses

Newly Identified Contributors to Equine Asthma

Researchers set out to discover the role of neutrophils, a particular type of white blood cell that is among the first to arrive at an infection site.

General Interest

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herd of horses

Managing Horse Herds for Maximizing Welfare

If we all had acres of land, then the dilemma of how and when to turn horses out might be less of an issue. For many of us, limited pasture causes concern when providing turnout.